Some cultures are better than others
Some fish just can't swim in the same tank
Some folks have a high time preference
and feel compelled to just grab the cash and run

So if you're feeling down (feelin' down)
or just got woke (just got woke)
go and throw / a HATE CRIME HOAX

The media loves you the most
Because it's all the White Man's Fault
Have yourself a Hate Crime Hoax

Sometimes there's just not enough oppression
Tom Wolfe had this hustle figured out
Diversity is just another grift
Cold hard cash is what it's all about

So if you want the cash (want the cash)
But won't do honest work (won't do honest work)
Go and throw / a Hate Crime Hoax

They pay Blacks & Jews & Muslims the most
So if you need your race hate sub-sid-ized
Have yourself a HATE CRIME HOAX

Have yourself a HATE CRIME HOAX