Loretta the Prole is a refugee of World War III
forced from her home in Utica New York while the nation's been asleep

You knew I was a snake when you took me in now invaders are here to stay
Anchor babies and EBT and the commies get their way

    Loretta the Prole
    Has a good soul
    And awesome baby goats

Loretta the Prole took the red pill and soon it did turn black
Overrun with unassimilatable orcs we can't send back

Rootless cosmopolitan liberal elites hate you and your people
cucks sold your church to convert it to mosque with a crescent in the steeple

    Loretta the prole 
    we'll fight for you 
    and our Country too

We'll take to the streets to fight World War III and the Religion of Peace
Our culture to defend, our kids to protect—this invasion to cease

It makes no sense to pretend she's wrong when the truth's so plain to see
We've had enough and if you don't agree then you're the enemy 

    Loretta the prole
    you're not alone
    Just hide your goats when they send drones...

If there's hope it lies with the trolls—we don't have to live this way
America was free 'til diversity and it will be again someday.