We're livestock on a tax farm
Plowing revenue for the state
Doing time in adult day care
Sometimes someone brings cake

Protected from ourselves by social services
Paid on fiat currency the taxman knows is his

Someday it might dawn on you
that you're not really free if
You're not lulled by 
creature comforts and degeneracy

We're livestock on a tax farm 
and multi-million dollar studies
on why lesbians are fat

Hiding in the crime statistics
collected by the FBI
A brutal dose of reality 
that cannot be denied

You know the Constitution is
just words on a page
Help you line your cage

We're livestock on a tax farm
the best there's ever been
American history is just
a list of white man's sins

We send troops to Afghanistan 
but the threat is here at home 
Deep state / silicon valley
Cartel has mapped your whole genome

Someday we might wake up
and notice we're not truly free
in the meantime we have
creature comfort and degeneracy